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How It Works

Design & Launch in Minutes

Step 01: Embed the SDK

Embed the SDK into your existing mobile App or on your website. Embedding the code into your existing website or app takes less than 30 minutes from your developer. Once it is installed you will no longer need Engineering/IT support for any updates.

Step 02: Integrate your Backend

Integrate your existing back end by simply typing your API Token or license key into the appropriate channel. Once you enter your license key, you are fully integrated and ready to use the Designer to create a unique flow.

Step 03: Design your Customer Flow

Simply drag and drop components to create your desired customer experience. Take control and create the necessary flow to solve your pain points.

Step 04: Save and Deploy

Simply click Save & Deploy after any changes to instantaneously update on your end device. You will no longer have to wait for App Approval or Engineering to get back to you. All changes happen server side, meaning you can dynamically change content and deploy it within seconds.

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