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Transform End-User Experience

One-click Integration:

Ubicall seamlessly integrates with different third party support systems, so you don’t have to disrupt your existing ecosystem. With these integrations, you are able to create a delightful visual experience on the front-end for your customers while still keeping your existing systems on the back-end unchanged. This eliminates any switching cost when installing Ubicall.

Visual Customization:

Customize Ubicall’s visual experience to fit your company’s branding guideline. With the ability to customize, your customers will experience a complete native environment. Neither Ubicall’s logo or branding will appear anywhere in the widget or SDK.

Seamless Data collection:

As your end-users navigate through your customer flows, data is collected seamlessly through different user inputs. Whether it’s context-specific data that’s collected through the end-devices, or auto-filled forms that are simply sent with a click of button, the data collected transforms your agent-customer interaction before it even begins!

Contextual Routing:

Contextually understand who your end-users are and personalize their experience accordingly. You will have the ability to route each customer to the most appropriate flows depending on data already collected. Whether providing an enhanced experience to your VIP customers or routing end-users based on their location, contextual routing will ensure customers are matched with the most efficient channel.

Dynamic Updates:

Once the SDK is embedded, Ubicall empowers you to update your customer flows through our designer as frequently as you like. With server-side updates, any changes can reflect instantaneously to your users, without the need for any app updates or engineering resources.


Live Reporting is available to you as an administrator. Track your customers’ usage and where the majority of users get routed. Use your customizable reports to test and optimize your different customer flows.

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